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Pilots- Get off the Route to Retirement

Erin Hatzell

For pilots, there’s a unique crossover between a career and a passion. The career is what you work so hard for, the one that pays the bills and supports families, the one that comes with seniority, travel, adventure and countless nights away from home. Then there’s the pure and simple passion for flight. A passion that was likely ignited at a young age and continues to burn flight hour after flight hour. The one that takes you to the skies, even on your days off. The passion is what started you on this journey, the one thing that makes your job more fun than most, one which you love and also get paid to perform. Not many people can truly say that they have a passion for what they do, but then again those people probably aren't pilots.

For those with a career that they like, but not necessarily love, the thought of retirement is likely a happy one, but for those with a deep rooted passion, the perspective can be much different. For many pilots, the choice to retire, specifically from flying, is not theirs to make. With a mandatory retirement age of 65 for all Part 121 Operators, there is a hard stop attached to a pilot’s passionate career, at least with a major carrier that is.

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Paddlefishing the Yellowstone River Intake

Erin Hatzell

Paddlefishing- An Age Old Tradition

Calling all anglers!! Have you had the thrill of hooking and battling a giant paddlefish off the banks of the Yellowstone River? If the answer is no, then you're missing out! Anglers from across the country flock to places like Glendive, Montana year-after-year for a chance to reel in a monster paddlefish. What is a paddlefish, you may ask? They are ancient species of very cartilaginous fish with smooth skin, an elongated, flat, paddle-shaped rostrum (nose), small eyes, and a large, toothless (except when very young) mouth. They are closely related to sturgeons, and while most species are extinct, Montana is home to one of the few remaining self-sustaining populations. Paddlefish caught in Montana have been recorded weighing up to 150 pounds!

Gone Fishing

Cast your rod, and your luck at catching one these prehistoric looking fish on Montana's Yellowstone River at Intake, an irrigation dam 16 miles east of Glendive. Intake is appealing to the paddlefish, because of the dam’s fast, rough water, which stills the fish during its upstream migration to spawn in the spring. The season opens May 15 and closes June 30, or when the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks determines the 1,000 fish quota is reached. MFWP is estimating that this will be a short harvest season, maybe 8-10 days if anglers are lucky. Several factors play into determining the length of the season: the amount of run off from the mountains, the flow of the river and the results from neighboring North Dakota's season, which lasted only four days. Anglers tend to come early in the season since there is a quota, and the harvest days are more heavily populated than catch and release days. Of course catching a paddlefish is never a guarantee, but that doesn’t stop anglers from coming back each year. As my dad always says, “you can’t catch a fish if you’re pole isn’t in the water.”

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Bounce to Billings for the NAIA Division 1 Women's National Basketball Championship!

Erin Hatzell

March Madness in The Magic City:

It's time to get your game face on! Get to Billings, Mon. for the 37th annual NAIA Division 1 Women's Basketball National Championship March 15-21. The city of Billings and Rocky Mountain College were selected to play official hosts for the 2017 and 2018 tournaments. All games will be played in the Rimrock Auto Arena at Metra Park. For more information on the venue and to get your game tickets, visit the Metra Park website today.

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Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois Welcomes You

Erin Hatzell

 Unveiling a new facility, and a new name!

Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois, formerly Williamson County Regional Airport, celebrated its grand opening on November 11, 2016 in Marion, Illinois. It was only fitting that the airport opened its doors to the public during its dedication ceremony on Veteran’s Day. The newly coined Capt. Robert W. Duncan Terminal is named after Capt. Duncan who served in the U.S. Navy during War II and the Korean War. Capt. Duncan also served as chairman of the Williamson County Airport Authority from 1980-2001. The name change was a well kept surprise to the general public, which is a symbol of thanks and gratitude to our American heroes past and present.

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The Best Way to a Career as a Pilot

Erin Hatzell

Have you dreamt of becoming a pilot for a major airline, but you’re not quite sure how to fully achieve your dream? You’re not alone. Becoming a pilot takes time, money and planning. Lucky for you, Cape Air has a successful program in partnership with JetBlue that can help you take your dream and make it into a reality.

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Marion and Quincy Fares are Falling!

Erin Hatzell

Falling for St. Louis

Getting to and from St. Louis just got easier, and even more affordable!! For a limited time only, Cape Air is offering flights between Marion, IL or Quincy, IL and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for only $29* each way! That's a 40% savings! But wait and you'll miss out on this amazing deal in Cape's Midwest market.

Book Your Flight

 Whether you're planning your holiday travel, a business trip, shopping trip or a quick weekend getaway, this is one travel deal you won't want to miss.

Start your journey with Cape Air in Marion or Quincy, and be in St. Louis in under an hour. Parking at both airports is free, and TSA security checks are a breeze when you fly out of Williamson County Regional Airport or Quincy Regional Airport. 

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Road to the NILE

Erin Hatzell
Saddle Up!

The 49th annual Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) is just around the corner, and you won't want to miss out on this year's action! Whether you're a cowboy, or a city boy, the NILE has something for everyone. The lineup for 2016 has changed, so get informed and mark your calendars for a week full of livestock, art, auctions, rodeo and more! Find the full 2016 schedule here. Read on for more informaiton on this years Rodeo events.

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Save a Horse, Ride an UBER!

Erin Hatzell

If you’re from Montana, you’ve most likely been asked by an outsider if your main mode of transportation is a horse. Seriously. People actually still think Montanan's ride horses to school, work, etc. But really, transportation in Billings is no joke. Unless you happen to be visiting the Magic City and staying in one of the many accessible downtown hotels, walking is definitely not an option. Furthermore, if you don’t have access to a car, or a horse for that matter, you're pretty much out of luck if you need to get across town. That is until now! With the start of UBER on August 5th, residents and visitors alike now have access to all that Billings has to offer, day and night, with just a push of a button. 

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